AMZPromoter allows the creation of chatbot campaigns that will send out promo codes via a Facebook Chatbot conversation.

In order to make the complete funnel work, you will need to connect an additional service that will handle the chatbot part of your sales funnel.

We recommend SellerChatBot, which is designed for distributing promo codes specifically for Amazon sellers, and works together seamlessly with AMZPromoter.

Click here to sign up to their service.

Below are the instructions to setup an entire funnel with AMZPromoter and SellerChatBot:

Step 1: Sign up to SellerChatBot

Click here to sign up to their service.

Step 2: Click 'Create a new bot', and pick a name

Step 3: Enter a welcome message, and any other conversation text

This screen allows you to customise how your chatbot will behave. You can add any kind of text, images, and various elements to your chat conversation. For this guide, we will keep things simple and only include some text.

Step 4: Click on the coupons section on the left menu

This section of the app controls the uploading and management of coupon codes.

Step 5: Click 'Create promo', and choose a name

Make your promo name memorable, as you will later connect this promo to your chatbot flow.

Step 6: Click 'upload coupons' and select a .txt file containing your coupon codes

Step 7: Click the 'save' button

Step 8: Navigate back to the flow section, by clicking on 'Flows' in the left menu

Step 9: Scroll down, and add a 'Coupon' type card to your chatbot flow

By adding this card type, your chatbot will gain the ability to send promo codes within the conversation.

Step 10: Within the coupon card, click on your promotion name to assign it to your chatbot flow

In the below example, the name of the promotion created earlier is 'October Promo'. Clicking on this will assign it to the coupon card. 

Step 11: Click 'Connect to Facebook page'

Here you will assign the Facebook page of your store or brand. All chatbot communications will be sent on behalf of the page you select.

Step 12: Click 'Connect' next to your Facebook page

Step 13: Copy your link, by clicking the small link icon

This will copy a special link to your clipboard, called an '' link. This contains two important pieces of information that we will use when setting up your campaign on AMZPromoter.

Your '' link in your clipboard will look something like this:

The first highlighted number is your 'Page Id', and the second highlighted text is the 'Data Ref'. 

In this example, the Page Id is '529128803859216' and the Data Ref is '5bb3532f8df89a195c57bd9c'. 

Remember these values, as we will use these in step 16.

Step 14: On AMZPromoter, select 'Chatbot Campaign' as your campaign type

Setting your campaign type as 'Chatbot Campaign' will enable new options, and change the way your landing page will behave.

Step 15: Navigate to the 'Facebook Chatbot' section of the campaign wizard

This step of the campaign wizard is where the chatbot settings are.

Feel free to go through the other campaign wizard steps in the normal way to customize your landing page.

Step 16: Fill in the 'Page Id' and 'Data Ref' fields

Enter the 'Page Id' and 'Data Ref' fields, by using the values from the '' link that we obtained earlier in step 13.

For this example, you may leave the other options in their default state.

Step 17: Test out your landing page by clicking on the CTA button

When clicking on the CTA button, a new tab will open containing Messenger, and a conversation with your chatbot will begin.

When clicking the CTA button on mobile, the Facebook Messenger iOS or Android application will open automatically.

Your chatbot campaign setup is now complete.

If you have any questions about your setup, please contact support by clicking the bubble on the bottom right hand side of the page. 

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