The inventory protector feature ensures that your inventory is safe when running promotions.

If you are running % off coupon promotions without limiting the max order quantity of the product you are promoting you are putting your inventory at risk to unscrupulous buyers who can use the coupon code to buy multiple units.

For example, if you create a 80% off coupon, in order to get more sales momentum, a seller could buy your whole inventory at 80% off (if you didn't limit order quantity).

If you set an order quantity limit of 1-3 then you mitigate the risk of a malicious buyer clearing out your inventory.

The downside of order quantity limits is that a real customer is also limited so it can affect your cart size. That is why we recommend setting the quantity limit to 3 unless you are running a very high discount promotion (90%+).

To access the Inventory Protector feature please go to the Super Tools menu at the top of the screen and then navigate to the Inventory Protector sub menu on the left.

Select the ASIN's you want to modify and hit the Edit Max Quantity button. From there you can choose the max quantity limit.

Note: If you make any changes to your product listing (ie. modifying your title) it will override the max order quantity. If you do change your listing it is important to go back to AMZPromoter and press the Re-Sync Inventory Items button to the top and then modify the max order quantity.

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